Wednesday, July 10, 2013

I'm back to rock!

My last blog post is so last year, literally!

Last year I made one of my wishes come true.. I had the opportunity together with 3 other buddies to produce a music video for a local artist. Although eventually it didn't end up as the official video due to some certain circumstances. It was a wicked experience and loved every hectic, stressful second of it :)

Shall be posting a brief about the pre-production/production/post-production soon!

In the meantime, you can check out the music video here:-

Thursday, June 2, 2011

Evaluation about Unit 19 - Digital Graphics for Interactive Media

This particular unit was way too different from the rest. It was all about design. We also got to learn some basics of Adobe Photoshop CS 4; whilst whoever wanted to get to know more, the best way was to either follow some Photoshop tutorials which can be found on YouTube or else just simply experiment! Mainly the aim of this unit was to being introduced to basic tools and techniques of digital graphics soft-wares such as Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator for interactive media products.

In this unit, the tasks were all revolved around blogging too. We had to create our own blog ( on in which we had to post twice a week. However, we had to make up for missed posts on other weeks.  Apparently, our posts have to consist on related research on MediaCAST and blog aesthetics and also anything related to media such as film trailers, reviews, and critics.

We were also asked to create a blog for MediaCAST. I teamed up with a group and begin to discuss things up. Firstly, everyone took his/her role and mine was marketing and researcher. Then we pointed out some crucial points. The colour scheme, the design of the banner and background and also gathering some information from other students.

To market our blog, individually, we had to create a set of three banners and three posters using our own pictures (in this case we carried out a photo shoot).

To conclude, any difficulties I might have encountered, was with the Adobe Illustrator as I couldn't get used to it but some practice had easily changed my difficulty, although I am still a bit green about this software. On the other hand, gladly, I really got used to Adobe Photoshop. Apart from the basics I got to learn from school, the YouTube tutorials were quite handy, indeed! I even got to have it installed on my home PC and often use it for my photography and whatever are the needs.

Other than that, what I would have changed could be the attitude (if possible!) of some certain people. Being told that you don’t anything when you’ve been working like a dog had totally frustrates the life out of me but anyway I take that as an experience for the future.

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Banners for Task 3a

  1. As a colour scheme, I took into consideration to keep the orginal logo of MediaCAST as told by our lecturers. So I used Black and White for the text. For the background, I used a colour scheme of purple, lilacturquoise and blues. Then I added the lens flare filter behind the text.

2. This is quite simple. I used dark blue and black as the colour scheme. Also did the cloud effect to the         text to make it appear blurred.

3. As a colour scheme, I used red, orange, yellow, turquoise and purple for the background and then black and white for the logo. Then I added the swirl effect.

Thursday, April 7, 2011

The MediaCAST Identity

Basically Media CAST is made up of students of who study Media within the Institute of Art & Design, in Mosta. Along with the students there are the lecturers. All in all, Media CAST is a one small family. Media CAST was raised during the last semester (2009/2010).

As a Media CAST, with the Higher National Diploma first years produced the programme “Int min Int?”. And Ian Attard and Eleonora Abela as the executive producers. The filming for “Int min Int?” started in January 2009.

Mainly, this is a cultural programme about art in all aspects.  They let the viewers extent their knowledge on what is happening in the world of art. In each programme they are interviewed many artists, getting to see exhibitions and many local artists/bands performing. “Int min Int?” is still going on but now it will be aired on TVM instead of E22.

Apart from the production, “Int min Int?” as a whole Media CAST they also filmed the budget 2010. Participated also in some short films festivals such as: The Malta International Film Festival (Tony Parnis), Golden Nights and also the Malta Cine Circle.

They also produced promos about Internet Safety for the client, Helen D’amato (Children’s Commissioner). Right now they are in the process of being chosen.

Media CAST was also involved with Circom ( in collaboration with PBS. Circom consists of several seminars in relation with journalism. These kinds of seminars are held every few months. The Irish, Michael Lally is the president of Circom Regional and also the Head of Irish Naucht (News).

Being asked, two students from the Higher National Diploma in Media Moving Image Year 2 shared their experiences they had through Circom. Apparently, Circom were doing a seminar in Malta and the Circom itself discovered determination, enthusiasm and ambition in these students that they were given the opportunity held by a “competition” to get chosen to go abroad. Once they were chosen and went abroad they were requested to follow some tasks, blog it, create stories and then choosing the best ones.

  • Flora Tanti and Claudia Cachia
      (Higher National Diploma in Media Moving Image Year 2)

Friday, April 1, 2011

Not an April Fool. NO!

PS. Edges around the cup needs to be more clean and refined. On the whole - I think I like it..I think I like it..I think I l-i-i-ke it..